Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. This is our method of support: 

  • These detailed FAQs address about 98% of the questions we have gotten in the past.
  • Small businesses in tourist towns are very short staffed. We appreciate your visit to our small town and your interest in our offerings. We hope you have a great time. Jim Thorpe, PA consists of small, even charming, local businesses.
  • We do NOT offer phone, text, chat, email or other forms of support besides these FAQs at this time.

If trying to purchase a ticket and have questions (Also see FAQs below):

  • We use 3rd Party ticketing systems (e.g. TicketTailor & Eventbrite). They do not respond to questions about using their site. Our best advice is to follow their reservation system very carefully while making your purchase:  there are checkboxes/links such as “Calendar” with our schedule. We cannot see your account or transaction or booking activity, so we cannot fix your issues.
  • Viator & AirBnB Experiences – Please contact their support for ticket assistance beyond what is here. They charge us about 25%; you are effectively their customer, booking-wise. (We cannot intervene for you).
  • If you purchased thru StayHappening, AllEvents.in or HappeningNext or another site that steals our copyrighted events/tours, you were likely scammed.  They are an Indian ripoff that steal Events from many companies like us without our permission and try to sell tickets. We cannot allow you entrance to paid Events; they do not compensate us. You need to try and get your money back from them. If you show up an we have seats, you can buy ticket(s) from us.
  • In all cases, check your Email or wherever your tickets/Order Confirmations went. If purchased through our website, access our “Box Office”/schedule of Events via PoconoEventCenter.com. Please refer to the Event descriptions for our published details. We have no other information to provide regarding your event.
  • If you experienced a problem – If you have trouble registering for an event, make sure all your billing information is entered correctly and that the form is filled out completely. You can also clear your browser’s cache and cookies or use a different web browser to complete your order. If your event is using PayPal for checkout, you’ll need to contact PayPal support for help.
  • Most of the time, there was a problem with your Card, or you were on too long and the booking system timed out, or with your internet connection, misunderstanding something, or with the booking system itself, or the Event was full, etc. 
  • If you didnt receive a confirmation, then your transaction likely failed or it went to Spam folder or perhaps you didnt notice it. Please search your email software or please make another attempt later at booking. If unsuccessful, bring your results when you come to the event, and we will try to straighten it out if we have time – we are VERY busy before Events. If the Event is sold out, you cannot enter. Show up at least 45 minutes early. We cant fix problems with your payment method or lost order confirmation or lost emails – we don’t get copies of these! If your booking did not come through, it probably failed and you should try again. If you are not on our list for a paid Event, we cannot allow entry.

If you purchased a ticket and have questions (Also see FAQs below):

  • If you purchased a ticket through our site, visit PoconoEventCenter events then select your event, then “Contact the Event Organizer” at the bottom.  You will see two links. Select the top one “Please resend my ticket/order confirmation”.  The second link will only take you back to this FAQs page.
  • If you purchased through Viator or GetYourGuide – Please contact their support for ticket assistance beyond what is here. They charge us about 25%; you are effectively their customer, booking-wise. (We cannot intervene for you).
  • Refer to the Order Confirmation sent to you with details and instructions for the event you booked. If you did not receive a confirmation, then either you may have entered incorrect contact information, the confirmation may have gone to your spam folder, it may be buried in your Email records or your transaction may not have completed for some reason. Check with your card company to ensure your transaction was recorded. If not, you may have to try booking again.
  • We provide no additional details or other information about our Events other than what is listed on your booking/reservation site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Address: 531 North STREET, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229. This is also Route 903. The blue and green stairway/entrance.

Arrive Early!! Please park (North or 6th street mostly) but dont block driveways, double park, or by painted curbs/No parking signs. Be here at least 15 minutes before the Event, or you may not get a seat. We remain under social distancing restrictions with Ticket ready for Check-in. For paid Events, make sure you have the card used to book with you.

Animal Policy: Absolutely No pets. No Emotional Support Animals. No fake Service Animals. If you show up an we have seats, you can buy ticket(s) from us. If you do, you will have to take it back to your car. Real service dogs/horses only. Fake service animals are a crime in this jurisdiction.

Bags/Baggage: For security reasons, Do NOT bring luggage or large bags into the Event!

Bathroom: As you come in the front entrance, there is a single person bathroom in the back left corner. Lock the door when in use. Knock if the door is closed. Do NOT lock and close it when you leave or others cannot get in! Please leave it clean.

Can I book the entire event/tour? We currently limit Party size for scheduled events. If you would like to arrange one of our Events/Tours for your group at an available time in the future, please discuss that with us when you attend or Postal mail your request to PEC, POB 4134, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229.

Chat Support? Not offered at this time


  • Please have your ticket ready before approaching the check-in counter. For example, from our website a PDF should be attached to your order confirmation or Eventbrite should have a PDF attached to your email. We HIGHLY recommend you print out your PDF/ticketing information/confirmation, in case something goes wrong with your phone. We cannot log in to your account, and may not have your information from your booking site. It could be a QR Code or something provided on your phone or printed out, by our ticketing vendors. We do not permit entry without valid tickets.
  • (When available) If you want or pre-bought a: Food, Beverage, TShirt or Workshop Supplies, let us know at the counter. We reserve the right to substitute, if necessary.
  • The CheckIn Counter is also where you can make purchases from our small, unique Gift Shop. Please be patient if we are in the middle of checking people in!
  • Socially distance as much as possible. Do not approach presenter(s) before/during/after Event – this is a pandemic, and we don’t want to be close to attendees. Wear a mask if your are immunocompromised.
  • Do not hold/prop the front door open during hot/cold weather. Please wait outside until the counter is relatively clear (social distancing).
  • You may be requested for the credit/debit card used to purchase (“Card Present”), as well as current US-based govt photo ID. Failure to do so when asked will prevent your entry. This is a tourist town, and fraud can be common.

Checkout/End of event: When your Event is over, please leave the room quickly and either depart the premises or check out our Gift Shop. Do not approach presenter(s) before/during/after Event – this is a pandemic, and we don’t want to be close to attendees.  We are trying to limit the number of people in the building (social distancing), and there is often another group waiting for the next Event.

Children: All children must have a ticket.  Maximum one paying child per paying adult. Crying/uncontrolled children or disorderly people MUST BE TAKEN OUTSIDE IMMEDIATELY! We favor everyone else over anyone who is annoying or inconveniencing them.

Coat Check? We do not have coat checking available. We cannot hold anything for you behind the counter. You should be able to put your coat on the back of your seat.

COVID / Flu / Colds. If sick, please stay home. We often screen for temperature or signs of illness, and you will not be permitted entry. We look out for everyone else, not the person who is willing to put others at risk! Your vaccine/distancing/mask beliefs and “your rights” do not interest us, this is our business and we are trying to keep people from making others sick.

Crime? The east side of Jim Thorpe is the lowest crime area in town. But, use common sense! We bear no responsibility for your vehicle, weather, traffic/personal delays, accidents, human decisions, outside forces, confusion about policies, “errors/failure to warn”, personal possessions, losses, harm or other inconveniences – real or perceived – by or to others/property for any reason. Buying a ticket/attending an Event means you Hold us Harmless for these or any other related situations.

Dining places? JimThorpe.org is one source. We do not make any recommendations about lodging, dining, directions, tours, attractions or any other 3rd party offering.

Directions (PoconoEventCenter.com > map). Note that Friday afternoon/evening is sometimes quite congested coming into town. Put 531 North STREET, Jim Thorpe, PA into your Google, Apple or other map software for good directions. We do not offer directional advice; such inquiries are ignored.

Disabilities/ADA: We do not currently provide any special accommodations or seating or parking or special rooms or special services or interpreters or devices for those with Disabilities. ANIMALS: Emotional Support Animals are not protected away from home under the ADA, and are not permitted. Non-fake service animals that are well behaved, nondisruptive are permitted, within the restrictions of the ADA. We are a small business presenting events to a group. In the future, we intend to offer some of our Events/Tours online. Some people are under the mistaken impression that every business must accommodate everything; this is incorrect.  The ADA law essentially says: “All businesses, even those that do not serve the public, must comply with accessible design standards when constructing or altering facilities.”  The ADA applies to organizations and businesses that fit one or more of the following criteria: All local, county, state, and federal government agencies. Any business that relies on the general public or for their benefit. Privately run companies that currently have 15 or more employees.

Donations The ticketing platform you used may allow a donation.  See BringLenapeIndiansHomeToPA.com. About once a year, we run a report and all the donations will be sent. Our ticket vendor does not provide any way to send you any kind of document for tax purposes. or donate “in the name of” someone. This is not an official nonprofit, but a project.

When do the Doors open? We do not permit entry until people from the last Event have mostly cleared out. Social distancing and safety take precedence over all other concerns.

Dress Code: We hope we don’t have to tell anyone “Shoes and Shirt Required!”

EMail Support? Not offered at this time

Event Calendar? (Most Thursdays through Sundays (we also do Tours), Memorial Day -> New Years Day weekends)

Event Descriptions: select Upcoming Events button

Event Schedule: select Upcoming Events button

Gift Shop By the checkin counter, we have a small unique Gift Shop. It features snacks, drinks, ice cream, and items related to many of our Events.

Interpreters/Language: We are a small business; we do not have interpretive services. All presentations are in English only.

Lodging? Try Airbnb or kayak.com. Reserve early, especially in the Fall! We do not make any recommendations about lodging, dining, directions, tours, attractions or any other 3rd party offering.

Lost and found: If we see it, we may keep most safe SMALL items for up to 2 weeks and then donate or discard them. We bear no responsibility for your lost items, wallets, glasses, etc. We will not “mail it back to you”.

Parking: On North or 6th Streets. Watch out for signs or painted curbs. The building lot is for residents only, and you may be ticketed or towed. Do not double park, as North St is a primary road.

Payment methods accepted? More than one choices may be presented when purchasing tickets.

Phone Support? Not offered at this time

Prohibited Items: Do not bring large bags or items, anything that emits sounds aromas or is otherwise distracting, animals, firearms, pepper spray, edged or other weapons into the Center, even if you have a carry license. Leave them in your vehicle.

Property: Pocono Event Center bears no responsibility for theft/loss/damage to your personal property nor for harm to your person from any cause.

Re-entry (Paid Events): If you must go out (such as to your car), please let us know on the way out or we will have to re-validate your ticket or refuse readmittance.

Refund/Late/Rescheduling Policy – No refunds, as we have limited seating. Many of our Events will be available in the future online, and upon request, you can be given access to that or another similar event. If we need to cancel due to weather, pandemic, emergency or other reason, we will refund the ticket fee for those attendees.

Rent your space? Postal Mail your request to POB 4134, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229.

Retail area There is a small Gift Shop in front with items you may enjoy.

Seating: Pocono Event Center padded seating is intended for those 250 lb or less. Those who surpass this weight limit do so completely at their own risk. WHITE unpadded seats hold more weight.


The main shopping district is “above” Lehighton.  WalMart, Aldis, fast food, Giant…

“Tourism” Shopping is on the other side of the bridge. We do not make any recommendations about lodging, dining, directions, tours, attractions or any other 3rd party offering.

Smoking policy? Do not smoke/vape inside or within 25 feet of the entrance (this is a Spa). If you smell smoky, you will be ejected without refund. Do not linger/smoke in front of neighboring buildings.

Some Food/Beverages are available – outside food/drink/alcohol is prohibited.

Our Schedule – Select the Upcoming Events button.

Seating: Is not reserved. Once you sit, do NOT change seating or you may be ejected. This includes your children.  Do not let them touch or sit in other seats. This is a pandemic, be courteous. Any Sofas or chairs that are obviously grouped together are ONLY for groups due to COVID. Singles seated there will be requested to move.

Team Building Activities? If you are interested in us doing something for your group, please Postal Mail your request to PEC, POB 4134, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229 

Tickets at the door? Come early, as we are busy checking people in and out between Events. If we are not full, it is possible.

Ticket/Order Confirmation – See above (tickets).

Waiting area: This is not currently available due to Covid. When checked in, please head in and seat yourselves in the Event room. We attempt to socially distance; please cooperate.

What is Included in the Price? A seat at the Event. If you ordered including Food or workshop materials or something else offered, then that also.

What can I expect at an Event?

Many Events are 60 minutes (or longer). The hour looks something like this (approximately):

  • 5-15 After the published Start Time:  Event starts (we delay a bit as some are late, get lost, are a bit older or have ticket or parking issues). A video plays in between Events, discussing future Events and our other offerings. 
  • During: 
  • Video events at 531 North Street – there will be a video, followed by a Q&A. 
  • Live events at 531 North Street – A brief video may give a background on the topic.  Then we present the Event topic and as time allows a brief discussion/questions.
  • 5-10 Of:   Event ends. Once over, please quickly leave the Event room, as we need to prep and seat for the next Event (social distancing). Time in between Events are often very busy for us checking in the next group, so we are not available for conversation. DO NOT GET CLOSE TO US, WE SEE A LOT OF PEOPLE AND DON’T WANT TO GET SICK. We invite you to browse our small Gift shop on the way out, later Events that weekend or our amazing Journeys in Eastern PA and beyond!

Wifi? Is not available. Most cell services work in Jim Thorpe, please bring your cellphone if you need access.