Situated in amazing Jim Thorpe, we offer workshops/classes/events with NYC actress “Pocahontas” and The “Mountain Man”. In the past we have offered Events, Crafts, Herbalism, Acting, Martial Arts, Hobbies, Yoga/Tai Chi, Arts, Wellness, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Traditional Indian Medicine (eg, Ayurveda), Native American practices, Microgreens & Mushrooms, Financial Independence, etc. In the future, we plan to add a rich set of online offerings.

Our venue is unique in the Poconos – a small business with local and passionate staff, not a McEvent Center with corporate staff.  After you have seen the show/stores, come for an experience! Most Weekends Memorial Day through New Years – At the Undersea Spa (531 North Street) in Jim Thorpe, PA.  See the schedule/register at PoconoEventCenter.com

Pocono Event Center

At the Undersea Spa in Jim Thorpe, PA or online.


Pocono Event Center